Friday, October 9, 2009

Barack Obama awarded Peace Nobel Prize

The polemic concerning the “2009 Peace Nobel Prize” attribution on October 09th, 2009 by the Nobel committee to Barak Obama already started all over the web minutes after the revelation.

Barack Obama awarded Peace Nobel Prize

Former laureates like polish Lech Walesa estimate that the attribution of this distinguished prize is fare to premature at this time. Even Barak Obama himself estimates that he doesn’t deserve to be part of this privileged circle of awardees yet.

I believe the problem these days is that "people are too often rewarded for nothing and this weaken the value and the significance of a reward noticeably” and by that I don’t just mean an award like the Nobel Prize.

How does this years attribution reflect on former prestigious laureates like Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and other meriting personalities and organizations who were acknowledged and recognized for their brave acts and inexhaustible service for the cause of peace.

Doesn’t this year’s attribution weaken the significance of the outstanding performance of former awardees?

The desperation of the Nobel committee must have been huge these days, if they reward somebody just for his speeches, cautiously arranged by political media strategy specialists, to keep the crowd on the line after eight years of despotism by George W. Bush and its administration. It should be the other way around – people should be rewarded as recognition for their actions.

Persons like Paul David Hewson, better known by the public as Bono from U2, should get the "Peace Nobel Prize 2009" for his permanent efforts and services for peace. Since the 80th this extraordinary gentleman is devoted to Humanitarian Work and like that has become one of the world's best-known philanthropic performers.

I would have preferably seen somebody unique like that receiving the honour of the attribution of this years’ “Peace Nobel Prize” for his distinguished merits.

This is just my humble opinion ;-)